Curing meats is an ancient art that dates all the way back to 3,000 BC. Almost every society since then has used some type of salt to preserve meat. We honor the long line of tradition and still slow cure all of our hams, for up to two months, using a blend of salt and spices.

The Curing Process

Our hams are maintained at a minimum of 75 days in our state-of-the-art seasonal simulation rooms. This insures you that old-fashioned, slow cured taste.


Each ham undergoes an artisanal process, where they are meticulously hand-rubbed with our signature blend of salt and spices. This approach ensures each ham receives individual attention and care, guaranteeing an exceptional quality product.

The hams are then delicately nestled into a simulated Winter room, crafted to replicate the ideal aging environment. Here, they are left to mature gracefully for a period of up to a month and a half. This extended aging period allows the flavors to deepen and develop, resulting in a truly remarkable culinary experience.


Hams transition from their salt bath and are placed in cotton nets before being arranged on racks, ensuring proper airflow, marking the next phase in the curing process.

The racks are placed in a simulated Spring time room. In this phase the hams start to dry, contributing to the gradual development of their flavors.

As they rest in this controlled environment, our hams continue to evolve. This crucial step sets the stage for the remarkable quality and taste that define our hams.


Finally, the summer time room
holds the hams until its time for
them to be processed.

The Perfect Processing

After the hams are cured, they are de-boned, then our processing equipment consistently slice every piece of ham. Each slice is hand trimmed, if needed and inspected. We make certain our ham is properly packaged,  vacuumed sealed and ready to be delivered. Our packaging machines insure our customers freshly, cured country ham, every time you open one of our packages.

The Perfect Delivery

As our sales and brand name have become more familiar with our consumers, we have become more familiar with major retailers and food service suppliers. Here are just a few of the companies that we are proud to call customers.

Biscuitville, Kroger, Food City, Food Lion, Giants, Ingles, Orrell’s, PigglyWiggly, Star Foods, U.S.Food Service, W. Lee Flowers, Walmart, Weis Markets