Salted cured country ham has a long history. As early as 3,000 BC in Mesopotamia, cooked meats were preserved in sesame oil, dried and salted. Today, we enjoy the convenience of storing meats and other items in refrigerators. We cure our hams the same way it was done for countless years before modern methods. Enjoy a flavor profile that only comes with aging meat through the curing process. Each of our Hams are slow cured for up to 75 days.


The Curing Process

Our hams are maintained at a minimum of 75 days in our state-of-the-art seasonal simulation rooms. This insures you that old-fashioned, slow cured taste.


Hams are hand rubbed with
our curing salts and spices.


They are then placed in one of our
winter time rooms, the beginning
of the curing process.


The hams are then moved into
one of our spring time rooms.


Finally, the summer time room
holds the hams until its time for
them to be processed.

Salted Cured Country Ham

The Perfect Processing

After the hams are cured, they are de-boned, then our processing equipment consistently slice every piece of ham. Each slice is hand trimmed, if needed and inspected. We make certain our ham is properly packaged,  vacuumed sealed and ready to be delivered. Our packaging machines insure our customers freshly, cured country ham, every time you open one of our packages.

The Perfect Delivery

As our sales and brand name have become more familiar with our consumers, we have become more familiar with major retailers and food service suppliers. Here are just a few of the companies that we are proud to call customers.

Biscuitville, Food City, Food Lion, Giants, Ingles, Orrell’s, PigglyWiggly, Star Foods, U.S.Food Service, W. Lee Flowers, Walmart, Weis Markets